A Story of Transformation

by | 4 Jun, 2015

A Story of Transformation

My Transformation

I was once Kim Fraser, lawyer turned spiritual teacher and am now Shakti Durga, initiated guru. The deep changes in my life, consciousness and energy happened over a 20 year time frame that has been packed full of spiritual adventures, tears, fun and surprises of all kinds.

Up until my early 30s, I didn’t have any particular interest in spirituality, and frankly, was a bit judgmental about hippy trippy types. I had rejected the religion my parents followed and focused on my career as a lawyer and the material world where you had the right house, the right lifestyle, the right car. I achieved all that yet something was wrong.

After having a much-wanted child, my first marriage disintegrated leaving me physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually in a big black hole. I recommitted to my legal career and got that back on track but the scars had not healed. I re-partnered and had another child. During that time I discovered meditation and personal development seminars and was an avid practitioner. I felt liberated, inspired and hopeful. I thought: ‘Why didn’t people tell us this stuff when we were kids?’

After months of battling with bronchitis I tried energy healing, not particularly expecting that it would work but it did. It sparked my curiosity about why it had worked, so I trained as a healer. I learned to perceive the subtle world of energy through my hands, developed things I didn’t know that I had called chakras and accessed a fascinating reality that sits usually unseen behind what we would call ‘the real world’. For a while I studied then taught pranic healing, and also learned reiki, crystal dreaming, astrology and a number of other surprisingly useful things.

In about 1996 I met my first guru. Not that I was looking for one. I can still remember the exhilaration and the profound feeling in my soul. I had endless questions and read hundreds of books. Bit by bit life guided me from one thing to another, the puzzle pieces falling into place here and there.

I found myself doing more healing and less days in court, until in the end I was too busy to maintain two careers as well as two children and a newish marriage. I quit law to follow my inner guidance. My second marriage didn’t withstand the changes. Looking back I had learned a lot but all that knowledge had not prevented another very difficult period. The surrender and transformation had not yet soaked into my heart and soul, nor was it yet embedded as realisation.

In the early 2000’s I started writing books and creating meditation CD’s as well as full time teaching and healing. I met Hugh, a fellow spiritual traveler and as it turned out, my life partner and together we have journeyed into a deep golden love. Also a lawyer, Hugh is involved in our multi-faith school for the soul which began in our lounge room in Cooranbong (north of Sydney), and now we have scores of trained spiritual teachers and healers operating in several states in Australia as well as in USA, Canada, China, India, UK and more.

In October 2006, I had an epiphany. I walked into a class to teach a seminar. The heavens seemed to open and many angels and Ascended spiritual Masters were present, seemingly in the room but also stretching upwards. The energy and love was intense. Many in the class could perceive it too. I realised my name was Shakti Durga and that I was here to help people develop spiritually, serving as a guru. There were many tears of ecstasy and a deep sense of surrender.

Living into that spiritual awakening has been a journey of taking off all the masks, all the cultural conditioning and daring to be who I was incarnated to be. It was spiritually sublime and challenging – who calls themselves a guru? There were times of doubt but then something amazing would happen and it has now become my calling. The reality check is the love, transformation and radiance in those who follow the teachings of our Path of Ease and Grace.

Guru is often experienced as a tangible presence guiding, protecting and helping us. It is not that we don’t have issues or problems any more, it is just that we are taught how to transform our responses to a very high frequency. A guru wakes us up through transmission of Divine love and energy which we may experience as the body shaking, the mind going blissfully blank and the heart overflowing with love. We can also feel like we are coming home or a definite yet unexplained sense of recognition. A guru is a catalyst to assist us in surrendering to the calling of our own higher soul. One does not surrender to a guru but to one’s own homecoming of deeper love, growth and richness of spirit.

As a guru much of the teaching is given through energy transmission which saves a lot of time and effort for the disciple. I too have a guru and my most cherished role is being a disciple.

It amazes me that we all have the same inner work to do: managing our ego, mastering the mind, surrendering to the higher soul, having the courage to do what we know we should, staying grounded, remembering to do our spiritual work and so on. Yet none of us do it in identical ways. That is part of our path: unity and peace though authentic diversity.

I love seeing people transforming, relaxing, and making the courageous journey from the head to the heart.. I am still passionate about energy healing and spiritual teaching. I love Indian pujas, devotional music, kabbalah, gnostic Christian teachings, Egyptian alchemy. I love the revelations of universal concepts and the elegance of creation. I love the poignancy of life and the uniqueness of every soul.

The external Guru is there to help you realise that you have heaven and all the universes within you. This would have sounded crazy to my consciousness of 25 years ago, but now I feel fairly certain that if I have ever been crazy, which is entirely possible, it was back in my twenties when I didn’t know what I was missing.

Blessings and love on your own journey of realising the essence and miracle that is you.

Shakti Durga



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