Your Destiny? It’s Under Your Feet

by | 29 Jul, 2014

Your Destiny? It's Under Your Feet Shakti Durga

People frequently ask me: ‘how do I find my highest destiny?’ As a Sagittarian, this is a wondrous question. It involves issues like the meaning of life, the point of existence, and why we are here. Yum!

The fact of the matter is, the path is right under your feet. In every moment, in every thought, communication and action, you are interacting with your own pathway forward.

The path and where it takes us is highly sensitive to vibration. By practicing the virtues, loving kindness, consideration, fairness, empathy and so on we will inevitably move to where we intersect with amazing options that would never emerge in their absence.
Questions like: should I remain in my career or become a healer, should I stay in this relationship or leave, have less to do with your highest destiny than you might think.

Our highest destiny is not a job description. Of greater relevance is the integrity, honesty, humility and courage with which you be you, whatever you might be doing. The vast Earth and every potential choice, is only here to help us make the journey.

The destination is right now, the process cannot be separated from it, time is going to be required and mistakes from which we recover and grow. At the end of the day, the search, like the path itself, is not external. It is internal.

More often than not, our highest destiny will actually find us, rather than the other way around. So how do we prepare ourselves for that? How do we walk the right path? It is simple. In every moment, make the highest choice.

Asking the big questions causes answers to begin to coalesce, which move you along the path. Over time, the answers might change and so might the path. This does not mean that the earlier answers or path were wrong, they were just stepping stones helping you find what you were searching for. Exactly what you need in order to find your highest destiny is here right now, disguised as ordinary looking stuff. You live in a vast and interactive cosmos. Everything is related to everything else. How you deal with what happens is more important than what happens. The road to your highest destiny is already safely where it needs to be: right under your feet.

Blessings and love
Shakti Durga

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