In A Golden Age

by | 4 Dec, 2016

In a Golden Age

One of the things that makes a golden age golden is the quality of the collective unconscious.

During a Sathya Yuga, or Age of Truth the unconscious realm is resplendent with love, respect, joy, peace and bliss. Remaining pissed, resentful or in a state of rage would be really hard. If you were not actively trying to be discontented, then with absolutely no work at all, you would find yourself feeling love, appreciation and bliss again. Imagine, by standing still you would be propelled vibrationally upwards!

Unfortunately we live in an Age of Darkness where the collective unconscious is really messy, and full of dark, lurking energies. In an Age of Darkness we need to keep moving forwards just to stay in a relatively stable place. Standing still in a dark age amounts to going backwards, and you won’t even notice at first. Taking time out from our spirituality might sound like a great idea to our ego, which kind of likes all that dark intrigue, but it is not great from the perspective of self illumination. My advice is that we all be in a mentoring or spiritual group that is working together over time to attain more love, truth and grace. Being part of a weekly group gives us support as well as community, a foundation for the continuing work of attaining our own Golden Age, even in this dark time.

In a minute it will be new year, and we will be making new year’s resolutions. Why not form an intention that in 2017 (which is a one year of new beginnings) we will start a new dance with the infinite. Let’s swim against the current and utilize the support, nourishment and help of Guru and Sangha to not only stay afloat, but to rise up into worlds of opportunity and spiritual adventure, bliss and grace. In this way we access the most beautiful parts of creation with resolute love. See you on the inner plane!


Shakti Durga

If you would like to join a spiritual group committed to working together, join Shakti Durga’s weekly mystical meditations in her Facebook group, join here.



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