Meeting a Disciple of Babaji, The Deathless Saint

by | 25 Jan, 2013

Meeting a disciple of Babaji, The Deathless Saint

Shakti Durga shares her experience of meeting a Spiritual Master and disciple of the deathless Saint Babaji.

Namaste, here in India we have been blessed with mild weather this past few days, and the blessings have not stopped there. Ever since I first journeyed to India over 10 years ago, I have had a yearning to experience the deathless saint, Babaji. Babaji is the Guru to the lineage which produced Paramahamsa Yogananda and many other bliss filled Gurus.

Several days ago, Shiva Kata Tjuta, Hanumani and I were getting into our car at the hotel to go into Varanasi ghats and visit an ashram. The director of yoga at the hotel, a delightful man called Deepak (who had attended a couple of our sessions) came running over saying “get out of the car my master is coming, you have to meet him”. He was quite adamant, and explained that his Guru had called him out of the blue (he had not seen him in months and had not expected to see him that day). Sri Guruji Yogiraj Amarjyoti Babaji was within minutes of the hotel. He wanted to see Deepak, and the group that was staying at the hotel, namely us. I started getting tingly and thought that was a good reason to get out of the car. We went inside and within minutes a very amazing man with silver hair and a white robe came into the lobby. We talked for a few minutes, and then we invited him up to our temple in the hotel ballroom. He did not speak English, although clearly he understood it perfectly. His disciples asked if I would sing something for him, so I sang Shiva Jappa and then he sang for us, a beautiful series of mantras and bhajans he had written. While he was singing, Babaji (the original deathless saint) came out of his ajna chakra and gave me a blessing.

Deepak told us that his Guru had been a disciple of Babaji, living in the isolated Himalayas, particularly at Mount Kailash and a particular Shiva cave in Kashmir for over 12 years. He says he is the only living disciple of Babaji, and that there are only six others in existence, none of whom are in bodies any more. Many people have had visions of Babaji, as have various members of our Mission, but that is not the same as having continual instruction from his physicalized self for an extended period of time.

Deepak told us that other disciples of Babaji include Kabir, Lahiri Mahasaya, Lord Jesus (during his ‘lost years’ between ages 12 and 30 when his mission commenced), Shirdi Sai Baba and one other. The man we met does not eat, nor does he drink water, only some milk and fresh juice from time to time. He rarely sleeps, and is reputed to be several hundred years old. Deepak said he was a contemporary of Lahiri Mahasaya. Lahiri Mahasaya met his Guru Babaji in 1861.

He had to go after about 10 minutes, but asked Deepak if we would be here for a while because he wanted to come back and spend more time with us. Upon his return about an hour later, he wanted us to understand the essence that was emanating from him, the smell of roses came from his arms. We were invited to go and experience this, and when I inhaled, incandescent drops of amrita shot out of his body into my chakras and expanded my consciousness further, creating more bliss.

When he departed, he invited us to meet him again, which we will do. He then left to catch his plane to Delhi. From there he was returning to his Himalayan ashram. However through Deepak, Hanumani contacted him and asked to go with him, instead he changed his plans and is spending time in Delhi with Hanumani and Stella Maya, with my blessing and support. He was then gracious enough to meet with many from our group at their hotel, where he gave them many gifts which I know they will always treasure.

All guru are one, and it was wonderful to meet this living Master, I feel that the connection we made will unfold over the years and further support the embodiment of the plan of evolution, the anchoring of the Golden Age and the bringing about of peace on earth.

May your life resound with the miraculous, through the grace of Parameshwari So be it!

Shakti Durga

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