Monkey Mind In Meditation

by | 9 Aug, 2018

Monkey Mind in Meditation

 A Cure For Monkey Mind

Meditation: My Mind is Full of Thoughts

Q When I meditate, my mind is full of thoughts. I’ve tried to tell myself to concentrate and fully commit, but I still easily get distracted and the effect of the meditation is never as good as the 1st time I did it. How do I solve this problem?

A When your mind gets active during meditation of any kind, understand that your mind is going through a re-calibration. All of the backlog of stuck thoughts, is cleaning out! It took me at least a year to be able to mostly meditate peacefully, and yet even then there would be cycles of thought arising and sometimes cycles of emotion as well.

My suggestion is to persist, just switch to a mantra for a while, do 3 malas (a mala is repeating a mantra 108 time). The first mala usually has lots of thoughts, the second time things will have calmed down, the third repetition brings a lot of peace.

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