Podcast: Intention and Visioning

by | 13 Feb, 2020

Intention and Visioning

“The most essential ingredient in creating our Universe is the consciousness that observes it.”

The power of intention has been studied by a large number of scientists and they’ve proven that human thought influences physical matter. Even more so, people have the power to collectively change the series of events that are happening on our planet now, by envisioning a different, better future.

What would happen if 25 million people focused on the same problem?



In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #06  learn how you can align your intentions with the rest of the world and contribute to a better life on Earth.

Teachings from this episode:

  • What a matrix of thought is and how it forms. (02:21)
  • How collective intention can influence our environment and surroundings. (03:49)
  • Several scientific experiments that prove the power of intention. (04:55)
  • Prayer works better specifically than it does generally. (13:28)
  • How spiritual people can contribute to scientific discoveries. (15:57)

Book resources mentioned in this episode:


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