Podcast: Soul Consciousness

by | 16 Nov, 2020

The nature of Consciousness

Our souls, in their realms, are geometries of light and sound, not flesh. When they are created, they immediately start to get creative, and consciousness begins to be shaped.

That soul’s consciousness drives the decision on what the soul should reincarnate in, based on what it needs to experience in order to evolve. That’s why we end up being in a perfect time, space, family, culture, etc. – for the things that have to happen to happen, to give us the perfect opportunity to heal whatever it needs to.


In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #124 Shakti Durga shares a discourse and Q&A from her seminar, “Relationships As A Pathway To Self-Realization” where she explores the nature of consciousness, soul contracts, the power of forgiveness, and the soul’s journey to getting the wisdom.

Tune in, to learn more about the soul’s consciousness, the role played by our hearts, and what the science says, as it’s trying to understand and prove that humans can have consciousness without a body.

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