The Power of Your Soul

by | 26 Dec, 2019

The Power of Your Soul

Your Inner Light

For a very long time, light has been associated with wisdom.

The more we become enlightened in any part of our life, the more we’re likely to shine with an inner awareness that transcends just what’s happening in our mind.

It taps into something that is uplifting, creative and alive. That part of us is our spirit; the spirit and the soul are always present, wanting to connect with us 24 hours a day.

But a lot of the time we’re asleep to that part of ourselves. So we over-heavily rely on the mind as the primary instrument of consciousness.

While there’s no doubting the importance and the power of the mind, it’s nothing compared to the power of your soul.

We need our mind to learn but unless something touches our soul, unless our learning touches our soul, there won’t be any transformation.

When I’m talking about accessing the inner light, what I’m really saying is do you want to transform your life?

If you’re in the presence of living spirit and if you’re willing to receive blessings and energy, then your life can transform very quickly. Your spirit can be ignited and you can be lifted into connection with your soul.

Then you’ll feel and know it for yourself, the truth of your own inner light and that will play out in every part of your life.

Shakti Durga



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